A 58 year old woman lost 40 baht worth of gold.

Bangkok, A 58-year-old woman lost 40 baht of gold worth more than 2 million baht near an overpass. Borommaratchachonnani Road Notify the police to help them find them. Pol. Col. Payap Somboon, superintendent of Bang Yi Khan Police Station, revealed that yesterday morning (22 May), Mrs. Phairin, 58 years old, came in and recorded in her diary that she had lost gold in the area of ??the overpass opposite Lotus Pin. Klao weighs 40 baht. I want the police to check the CCTV footage to find gold. After that, the investigative team inspected the CCTV cameras until 7:30 p.m. It appeared that the CCTV cameras were found while Mrs. Phairin Dropped the bag that said it had gold inside. But they are investigating which car or whoever picked up the bag containing the gold. There is also information that Mrs. Pairin accepts gold deposits, which is a gold shop in Phetchaburi Province and a gold shop in Phetchaburi. The gold was delivered to Mrs. Pairin in Nakhon Pathom Province before Mrs. Pairin delivered the gold to a gold shop in Bangkok. The gold in question was gold weighing 604.1 grams, or more than half a kilo, or about 40 baht, lost. Whoever finds a bag like this Please return it to the owner. Source: Thai News Agency

Deputy Police Commander calls the investigative team to a meeting on the assassination case of “Sia Ton”

Bangkok, The Deputy Police Commander called the investigative team to meet to follow up on the assassination case of "Sia Ton", the owner of a Thai massage teaching business. Reveals that the investigation of witnesses close to the deceased is beneficial to every case. Investigation Division Metropolitan Police Headquarters (The Metropolitan Police Bureau's Headquarters) - May 23, 2024, Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppasin Poolsawat, Deputy Commander of the Metropolitan Police (Deputy Police Commissioner), along with Pol. Maj. Gen. Teeradej Thamsuthee, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police, Pol. Maj. Gen. Thananthon Rattana Sittipak, commander of the 4th Police Station, Pol. Col. Jessada Yangnok, superintendent of Wang Thonglang Police Station. Pol. Lt. Col. Atanyaphat Bunsuk, superintendent of the 4th Infantry Regiment. Along with the investigative team of the Public Health Office, the Public Health Office, District 4, attended a meeting to follow up on the progress of the shooting case of Mr. Pichit Kleepjinda or Sia Ton, age 45, owner of a Thai massage teaching business. The incident of being shot occurred on April 8, 2024, before later dying in Maha Sarakham Province. Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppasin revealed that the responsibility of the Metropolitan Police Bureau is to follow up and investigate the case. The attempt to kill Mr. Phichit occurred on April 8th. From the latest meeting there has been considerable progress. There was coordination with the 4th police station. Mr. Phichit's death occurred in the area. Yang Si Surat Police Station, Maha Sarakham Province, to coordinate information from both cases, including coordinating the Evidence and Forensic Division to collect evidence in the cases. Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppasin revealed that in the case of attempted murder in the area Wang Thonglang Police Station The investigative team has CCTV footage showing the face of one criminal, which is reasonably clear. At this time, it has been assigned to the Office of the Basic Education Commission. 4 Set up a working group to trac k down the man. While the investigation inquiry official Wang Thonglang Police Station All of the deceased's close people have been followed up to give evidence. By confirming that The police will use all evidence. Including personal witnesses, documentary evidence, circumstantial evidence, including evidence in cases that Yang Sisurat Police Station has been assembled. In this regard, the investigative team and the police officers involved have requested a meeting to follow up on the progress of the case first. This is the CCTV image of the culprit that was obtained. If any member of the public sees or knows them, they can provide information to the police. To be useful in tracking down the culprit. Deputy Police Commander said that the investigation of witnesses close to the deceased was beneficial to every case. Although trying to give in a way that is beneficial to yourself The police also listen but will find evidence to verify. Are there any facts consistent with the evidence found? How? And every doub t must be examined. Because when two criminals came together to shoot, there must definitely have been a cause of anger and conflict in order to commit the crime. This will not leave any issues aside, including business conflicts. Arguing with another person or personal problems Will investigate every issue. Source: Thai News Agency

Nong Khaem District Director Order to close area – expedite removal of chemical tanks today.

Bangkok, Director of Nong Khaem District Revealing the incident of a chemical tank explosion in a residence, causing one death. Order to expedite inspection of business owner's license application. Ready to designate a dangerous area Coordinate with owners to remove chemical tanks within today. At 11.22 a.m. today (23 May), an explosion occurred. In a house in Soi Phetkasem 77/8, Nong Khaem District, Bangkok, the scene of the incident was a two-story townhouse. The scene of the incident was next to the door of the house. Found scraps of iron next to the road. And the remains of an oxygen tank were scattered over a wide area, and there was also one death. The next known name was Mr. Bandit, aged 30 years, with his body torn in half. Legs and arms It was thrown about 20 to 30 meters away from the scene of the incident. The tank that exploded was thrown 100 meters away and hit the houses of nearby people, damaging 3-4 houses and some were scattered around the houses. From the preliminary investigation, it was l earned that before the incident, the deceased was carrying an oxygen tank into a pickup truck parked near the scene of the incident. to bring to the factory in Samut Sakhon area But during the transport of the tank There was a violent explosion. By the force of compressing the body of the deceased Until he was thrown out of the house before dying. While Mr. Chaiwat Business owner and owner The house after the incident gave information that a private business owner collected oxygen tanks from industrial plants. by oxygen tank came to stay at the said house To prepare for adding oxygen from the factory Before taking these tanks Sent to another industrial factory without assembly or addition of oxygen tanks in any way. As for the cause of the explosion It is a time when workers Loading empty oxygen tanks into a pickup truck. to add oxygen But it is not known how the explosion occurred, which is usually difficult. It is assumed that the tank that exploded may have had oxygen left inside. However, this must wait for verification from the police at Nong Khaem Police Station and the Forensics Division officials. to find the cause of another explosion The girlfriend of the deceased Travel to the scene When he arrived, he cried a lot. Because I was sad and couldn't accept the incident. and asked the officer to look at his boyfriend's body When the reporter went in to ask for information about whether or not he had talked to the deceased this morning. She said they didn't talk. My boyfriend has been doing this job for 10 years and she once said that this job was dangerous. But he's been doing it for a long time. And the protective equipment that boyfriends sometimes wear, sometimes they don't. But he admits that his girlfriend is a smoker. While Miss Thananya, a witness to the incident and heard the sound of an explosion Said he heard an explosion. loudly and it felt like some debris had hit the roof of the house So she ran out to look and saw a lot of smoke rising, but at that time she still didn't see the deceased or the injured. So she hurriedly called 191, admitting that the incident had happened, she was very shocked because her house and the neighborhood had only elderly people and said that there had previously been a fire incident in the same alley 2-3 years ago. Like Mr. Nithi, a neighbor who was behind the scene said I have known the owner for a long time. Ready to tell the story that he heard the sound of a car coming to a stop. which will come like this every day But today, after only 5 minutes of parking, I heard a loud explosion, so I quickly ran out of the house because I knew that It was the sound of a gas explosion. When I ran out to look, I saw smoke. And dust spread all over the area, but we still haven't seen any dead or injured people. Ready to admit feeling worried Because the house in question had stored gas tanks for more than 10 years, the tanks were quite old. and was afraid that one day there would be a gas explosion If the bomb were to explode, his house would be destroyed as well. This event is considered Luckily only one tank exploded. If several tanks were exploded at the same time, there might be more losses. As for his house, there was some damage to the wall next to the house where the incident happened. The door glass was damaged. The Nong Khaem District Director revealed that Inspect the scene Initially, 37 oxygen tanks, 16 carbon dioxide tanks, and 18 acetylene gas tanks were found, totaling 71 tanks, which operators said were empty tanks received from industrial plants. Brought to storage to prepare for packaging chemicals. and sent back to industrial plants The chemical tank that exploded Initially it was said to be a tank containing acetylene gas. It is a chemical used for welding metal in the industrial sector. Preliminary examination of the scene of the incident did not reveal that permission had been properly requested to store chemicals. The district office must collect evidence and coordinate with the investigating officer. and prove evidence Prepare to prosecute the business owner. and ordered the area of ??the incident to be closed immediately designated as a dangerous area Accelerate coordination with business owners to introduce risky chemicals. such as acetylene gas tanks Leave the area today As for the cause of the explosion, we still have to wait for proof from the Police Forensics Division as to what caused it. Mr. Chum Sonsayan, head of Bang Khae Fire Station, revealed that the explosion If there is gas remaining in the tank If it is not used completely, if it is moved or dropped, it may cause it to explode. As for the case where the tank may deteriorate and cause an explosion, Normally, the factory that packs it must inspect the tank. If it's damaged, it won't be packed. One more doubt That is, acetylene tanks are flammable. There is a possibility If there is a spark from the cigarette lighter while there was a gas leak Or the worker tried to open the valve to vent gas from the tank. The conclusion still has to wait for the person who proves the evidence to verify it more clea rly. Acharn Aod suspects there was a gas explosion. Caused by an acetylene gas tank Assoc. Prof. Dr. Veerachai Puttawong, an academic in the field of organic chemistry and Assistant Rector for Innovation and Social Enterprise Kasetsart University or A. Aod gave information on the case of the oxygen tank explosion that from pictures of the scene it is known that Found a green oxygen tank. It will feature a CGA540 valve tank, ISO9809-3 standard, thick steel, stamped without seams, pressure 1500-2000 PSI, packing size 10L - 40L, packing volume 0.5m3 - 6m3. The red tank contains acetylene gas. which has relatively high pressure and is a flammable gas In the industrial sector, they are often used together. And from the body of the deceased there was gray-black soot. Probably caused by ignition. or an ignition reaction occurs It is therefore believed to be caused by acetylene gas, size 40 liters, which has a relatively high pressure of 1500-2000 PSI. If the old tank is rusty and has been dropped and hit, It will cause the metal tank to tear. An explosion can occur, so it is considered a warning to entrepreneurs. You must be careful when checking the condition of the oxygen tank, and those working in this field must use caution when transporting it. And filling oxygen gas to 2000 PSI should use a new tank with ISO, TIS standards Source: Thai News Agency

Suthisan police arrest 3 thieves who abducted a young IT man

Bangkok, Police arrested 3 thieves who stole 600,000 baht from a young IT man. One more person surrendered, rushing to hunt down the other two ringleaders and their closest subordinates. From the case of a young IT consultant Call on the Saimai page to survive. Was attacked by a gang of debt collectors who invaded the room. After owing 35,000 baht before being kidnapped and threatened with torture Forced to repay debt increased to 600,000 baht. Today (23 May 2024) the Sutthisan police investigation department has detained Mr. Jakkrit or Nook, Ms. Kritsana or Oh, and Mr. Rungruang or Zen, 3 culprits who Participated in the incident of abducting the victim, a young IT man, inside a condominium room, Soi Lat Phrao 18, and were able to arrest him within the area of ??Pathum Thani Province. This is currently under investigation. However, in this case, the investigating officer has requested approval for an arrest warrant for 6 people who participated in the incident. Three people have been arrested and one perso n has surrendered, namely Ms. Phisamai. As for Mr. Thanawat or Benz, the ringleader, and Mr. Min or Mok or Mo, his subordinate. Mr. Benz's close friend Officials are in the process of tracking him down. Source: Thai News Agency

Accident investigation team for Singapore Airlines plane falling into turbulence has arrived in Thailand.

Accident investigation unit Singapore Airlines plane crashes into turbulence and arrives in Thailand Start an investigation immediately. Today, the Accident Investigation Committee of Singapore Airlines Arrived in Thailand Start an investigation immediately. There is coordination and cooperation with 2 agencies, including the Accident Investigation Committee. and aircraft incidents Under the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand or CAAT. In this investigation, the investigative team will request some information. from the Aeronautical Radio Company, such as sound recordings Communication between pilots with the control tower and radar screen recording images for use in the investigation By delivering all evidence, news source from Aeronautical Radio Company Informed that it will be delivered through the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, which currently has information from Aeronautical Radio Company. I'm ready. Gradually sent to the Civil Se rvice Commission and Singapore's investigation team. As for the steps when the investigation is completed If Singapore will bring the plane back For the purpose of repairing or further investigation There will be a request for a flight slot from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand will coordinate with Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited or AOT to reschedule the travel date. But not yet at that stage. Or how is the date determined? Therefore, this plane will remain parked at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Not specified. Source: Thai News Agency

There is still no shadow of “Nong Noon” missing in Switzerland for almost a month.

Thai girl disappears in Switzerland. Met for the last consecutive day on 26 April 2024 at the Thai Embassy. Revealed that they have coordinated with the Swiss police to find him. The older sister reveals that the younger sibling's timeline has been lost. After traveling with a foreign boyfriend From the online world, a post by a woman was shared. This is the older sister who has announced the search for her younger sister "Khun Noon" who mysteriously disappeared after traveling to Switzerland. along with boyfriend Unable to contact at all channels. From April 26 Later, the Royal Thai Embassy Bern received coordination from the family. Post a message to help publicize and follow Khun Noon If anyone sees Khun Nun Or do you have additional information that will be useful in tracking down Khun Noon? You can contact the Facebook page of the Royal Thai Embassy. The news team contacted Khun Fon. Nong Nun's older sister Come out and reveal the story. Ready to raise doubts about your boyfriend He said that Nong Nun I met my boyfriend through an application. After 1 week, I was taken to get to know my family. The couple has plans to get married. Then moved to America Before that, on March 31, he still chatted with his younger sister. which he stated was still in Thailand and have problems with traveling Then, on April 1, the family knew that The couple were traveling to Switzerland. Follow each other on social media. We didn't talk to each other. Until on April 24, Nong Noon sent a message to her sister asking her to transfer 430 baht to her, but didn't say what the value was. On April 26, I called to tell my sister that she was fine. with a rush before hanging up which since that day The family was unable to contact Nong Noon through any means. Normally, Nong Noon would contact the family every 2-3 days. She had never been gone for a long time like this. My older sister also said that In the past, the man had promised Nong Nun that he would take him to the wedding. But when they arrived, the man didn't keep his promi se. He also asked Nong Noon to pay for all travel expenses. The family then told her to return to Thailand. But Nong Noon didn't come back and ask to see again for a while. Which is Nong Noon's older sister The man's information was taken to check. So he knew that he had been charged with imprisoning a woman. This made the family worried that something bad would happen to their younger sister. Since it was news Many media outlets and even embassies posted messages looking for them. But the family still hasn't heard any news about her sister. So he was worried that his younger sister might be harmed. Because if you still live a normal life You must see the news from Thai media. and have already contacted him. Source: Thai News Agency

40 patients from a plane crash are still being treated at Samitivej Hospital.

Samitivej Hospital, Director of Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital Update on the condition of 40 patients whose plane crashed into the air are still being treated in hospital. Dr. Adinan Kittirattanapaibun Director of Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital Announcement of progress in patient treatment In the case of an accident involving a group of Singapore Airlines planes traveling from London headed to Singapore. Facing severe weather fluctuations During the route, the plane changed its route to Bangkok. and fell into the air that the number of injured persons still being treated at Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital is 41, 19 males and 22 females, consisting of 10 British nationals, 9 Australians, 7 Malaysian, 4 Filipino, 2 American, and New Zealand. 2 cases, Myanmar, Ireland, Israel, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, 1 case each nationality, of which 41 cases have improved and 1 case has been sent home, leaving 40 patients still being treated. Dr. Adinan also said that there were 22 cases of spinal and spinal cord injuries, 6 cases of skull and brain injuries, 13 cases of bone, muscle, and other injuries. In this regard, 17 patients had undergone surgery. There were 5 cases of cervical spine surgery, 4 cases of thoracic spine surgery, and 8 cases of torn wound repair. The patients received surgery and were treated with supportive care. However, many of the patients being treated are quite severe and their symptoms are still severe. But the symptoms were not severe enough to be life-threatening. However, patients can now be thoroughly cared for. and has mobilized a medical team to provide treatment By the main symptoms It's about the spine. There are specialist doctors in each field taking care of patients closely. Since May 21, 2024, there have been 6 red patients. Some patients have had muscle weakness, but it is too early to say how long each patient will need treatment. Your doctor will evaluate your symptoms every day. People who can give it back home will give it back. Today, the doctor has allowed one person to go home an d patient care will be based on the patient's rights as the main principle. In cases where the media or visitors will visit the patient, permission must be obtained from the patient. Dr. Adinan spoke about the patients with the most severe symptoms: Have an injury to the cervical spine which has already had surgery As for the evaluation of treatment, it must be evaluated gradually. The patients being treated range in age from 2-83 years. The condition of the young patients is not worrisome. As for evaluating whether the patient is disabled or not, Unable to answer at this time. Because it is necessary to have a doctor's evaluation and daily symptom monitoring. Patients with spinal symptoms must be closely monitored by the medical team because it may affect the respiratory system. As for the case where the patient has recovered and will return to the country of origin, there has been close coordination with related agencies to proceed with the repatriation. Source: Thai News Agency