11th National Youth Union Congress opens

The 11th National Youth Union Congress of 2017-2022 tenure opens Monday in Hanoi with the attendance of 250 guests and 1,000 delegates, representing more than 6.4 million Youth Union members and nearly 24 million Vietnamese young people.

Delegates listened to a political report of the 10th Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee and a speech by Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. The Congress sets out 10 major targets for the next tenure, including 80% of youth union members thoroughly studying the resolutions of the Party and the Youth Union, every commune or ward building at least one model of helping vulnerable young people, and members proposing 5 million ideas. Le Quoc Phong, First Secretary of the Youth Union, said: We hope that these targets will promote youth's creativity and that the 5 million ideas will be realized. It will require a long process, depending on the feasibility of ideas and resources for supporting them. But it's necessary to have some ideas, a spirit of innovation, and the awareness to find a solution to any problem in our life and our jobs. That will be our success in promoting youth creativity.

On Sunday, delegates attended 8 dialogue forums with leaders of ministries and sectors.

Source: VOV5