200 works on following President Ho Chi Minh morality honored

200 contest entries on studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality, and lifestyle in the 2018-20 period were honored at a ceremony in Hanoi on Wednesday. 

The contest drew 6,000 entries from Vietnam and other countries. Representing the organizing board, Nguyen The Ky, VOV President and Chairman of the Central Council for Theory and Criticism of Literature and Arts, said most of entries were well written.

“Literature and journalism are products of the times. As we get closer to Uncle Ho’s life, our feelings become more sincere, deeper, and more refined. Artists who find a new vibe, a modern perspective of Uncle Ho, praising the image of President Ho Chi Minh and honoring fine examples of studying and following his ideology, morality, and lifestyle, are certain to achieve success in this year’s contest.”

A special prize was awarded to Cuban poet Felix Pita Rodriguez. VOV won A prize for a journalistic story on President Ho Chi Minh’s boundless love.


Source: VOV5

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