20,000 foreign troops stationed in Libya

 20,000 foreign troops and mercenaries are in Libya despite a ceasefire and long-standing arms embargo. The UN’s envoy in Libya Stephanie Williams told a virtual meeting of a political dialogue forum on Wednesday and called the situation a “shocking violation of Libyan sovereignty”. The latest round of the UN-sponsored political dialogue forum is taking place virtually, after a first in-person session in the Tunisian capital last month. The forum is part of a push to end almost a decade of violence in the North African country.

Libya has been wracked by violence and chaos since 2011. Forces loyal to the UN-recognised Government of National Accord based in Tripoli and those of eastern strongman Khalifa Haftar formally agreed on a ceasefire in October. The agreement says all military units and armed groups must withdraw from the frontlines while mercenaries and foreign fighters must leave Libyan territory within 90 days.


Source: VOV5


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