40 years after Northern Border Defense War: Vietnam’s legitimate right to defense

The Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and the Vietnam Association of Historical Sciences co-hosted a national seminar in Hanoi on Friday to review 40 years of the Northern Border Defense War.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Thuan, President of the Academy said the seminar looks back to the historical event truthfully and objectively to strengthen solidarity, friendship, cooperation, and co-development between countries all over the world.

He added: It's essential to look back to history to learn lessons and avoid recurrence. So the seminar is of scientific and political significance to the two countries' relations and provides an opportunity for us to pay tribute and honor our fallen soldiers for the sacred independence of the Fatherland. We pledge to make our policies more beneficial to revolutionary contributors and those who sacrificed their lives during the Northern Border Defense War.

At the seminar 60 presentations focused on historical truth and Vietnam's legitimate right to defend its northern territory.

Source: VOV5