50 years of ASEAN development in review

2018 marks 50 years of ASEAN's formation and development. The Association has played a very important role in turning the formerly war-torn Southeast Asian region into a land of peace and stability.

Head of Vietnam ASEAN SOM, Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Quoc Dung, made the remarks during a seminar entitled Vietnam and ASEAN's 50 years of development that opened in Hanoi on Friday. Southeast Asia has become more prosperous than ever with ASEAN playing a central role in maintaining regional peace. "ASEAN's path in the next 50 years does not look easy, especially as the ASEAN Community was established only 3 years ago and is striving its best to promote collective solidarity while ensuring the individual interests of each member country. This seminar is expected to give the participants an overview of ASEAN's development in the past 50 years together with opportunities and challenges facing the bloc in seeking new directions for development. It's also an important preparatory step for Vietnam to assume ASEAN Chair in 2020," added Mr. Dung.

Source: VOV5