75 businesses receive National Quality Awards

22 businesses have been presented with the National Quality Gold Awards 2018 by the Prime Minister while 53 other businesses received the National Quality Awards 2018.

During the program in Hanoi on Sunday night, guests told their stories on how they have reflected on the great leader's teachings. Prof. Dr. Le Duc Hinh, former Chairman of the Vietnam Neuropathology Association, recalled a meeting with President Ho Chi Minh in the mid Autumn festival in the first year after Vietnam regained independence from French colonialists. He said: President Ho Chi Minh in 1946 asked the health sector to throw itself into its work to make the dirty clean and ease the people's pains. Physicians should behave like good mothers and be humble to their compatriots. We remember forever this teaching and are eager to undertake any task entrusted by the schools, hospitals, the Party, and government.

Source: VOV5