A midnight Tet market

Thousand of locals and visitors flock to the Bich La Temple market in Trieu Phong district Quang Tri province, which meets only once a year from the night of the 2nd day of the first lunar month to the next morning.

The hundreds-year-old market is special because the sellers never overcharge and the buyers never bargain. People come here with hope for good luck, favorable weather, and bumper crop. Products on sale are grown or made by farmers such as green tea, ornamental trees, flowers, betel, areca nuts, and souvenirs.

An important ritual of the market festival is to pay tribute to the Golden Turtle God. Locals gather at the Bich La Temple and beat gongs and drums to appeal the Golden Turtle God to float to bless them with luck, peace, prosperity. Nguyen Thi Quynh Nhu is a local participant: "I visit Bich La Temple market every year. I come to this ancient market to buy something for good luck."

Organizers of the Bich La Temple Market Festival is proposing to upgrade the festival to national level.

Source: VOV5