Africa, Middle East appreciate Vietnam’s role in policies toward Asia

An international seminar on Africa and Middle East's policies toward Asia and cooperation opportunities for Vietnam was held in Hanoi on Thursday.

Ambassadors from African and Middle East countries appreciated Vietnam's development. The trend of global integration has been spreading throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, allowing countries to grow their strength and at the same time supplement the waning strength of others.

Turkish Ambassador to Vietnam Akif Ayhan said: Trade between Turkey and Vietnam was 2 billion USD last year. We aim to increase to 4 billion USD by 2020. We also intend to negotiate and sign a Free Trade Agreement with Vietnam. We'll speed up the process of negotiation in the months ahead.

Moroccan Ambassador to Vietnam Azzeddine Farhane said that Vietnam and Morocco have more than 16 agreements. The two countries will upgrade relations and make it like a model. Morocco is a gateway to Africa and Vietnam is a gateway to Southeast Asia. It's condition for the two countries to enhance cooperation with each other, Africa, and Southeast Asia, the Ambassador said.

Vietnamese Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Phuong Nga said the seminar offered opportunities for diplomats and policy makers to recommend specific measures to enhance Vietnam's cooperation with Africa and the Middle East on par with political ties.

Source: VOV5