Agriculture-forestry-aquaculture exports exceed US$36 bln

VGP The export turnover of agriculture-forestry-aquaculture products were estimated at US$3.13 billion in December, raising the total export value of the year to US$36.37 billion, up 13% from 2016, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The exports of agricultural, aquatic and forestry products reached US$18.96 billion, US$8.32 billion and US$7.97 billion, witnessing respective increases of 15.7%, 18% and 9.2%.

Rice exports gained US$2.66 billion, up 22.4% in volume and 23.2% in value while rubber exports attained 1.39 million tons, worth US$2.26 billion, up 11% in volume and 35.6% in value.

The export turnover of cashew in 2017 was estimated at 353,000 tons, earning US$3.52 billion, up 1.9% in volume and up 23.8% in value.

The nation gained US$7.6 billion from exporting wood and wooden products, up 9.1% and US$8.32 billion from exporting aquatic products, up 18%.

Remarkably, fruits and vegetables exports in the year obtained US$3.45 billion, up 40.5%.

China, Japan, the U.S. and the Republic of Korea were among Viet Nam's largest fruits and vegetables importers.

Source: Online Newspaper of the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam