Albert Kurniawan: Makeup tips and tricks

The celebrities on makeup artist Albert Kurniawan's list are as stellar as they can get. In a makeup workshop in Makati City recently, the colorist shared some makeup trends and techniques on how a woman could transform herself into a star.

Curling eyelashes

To make eyelashes appear longer, many curl their lashes with a heated curler. But instead of heating curlers, which can damage one's skin or lashes, Albert suggested curling starting at the base of the lashes. Hold it there and count up to eight, then go to the middle of the lashes. Repeat the process until you get the curl you want.


After curling the lashes, apply mascara more on the lash tips because gravity pulls the lashes down, said Albert. His favorite is a skinny micro mascara as he finds regular mascaras too thick and clumpy. Small brushes, he said, are ideal for small lashes.

"Brown mascara makes lashes look a bit more groomed," he added.


Using an eyeliner, draw a triangle at the eye corners if you have chicken eyes, said the celebrity colorist.

The smudged eyeliner look achieved by using a kohl eyeliner is still on trend, he said, but he warned that a kohl eyeliner always smudges especially in a humid country because it is cream-based and has too much oil. The trick, thus, is to blend it a bit then spread it or set it with black eyeshadow to make it last.

The proper way to use a liquid eyeliner, according to him, is to make short strokes from start to end.

For an evening look, he said your safest bet is a smoky or smoldering eye. Smokey eyes, he claimed, are a red carpet must among celebrities. You can have smoky eyes in less than five minutes, he said, by applying more kohl eyeliner on the water line and more eyeshadow on the eyelids. Blend the liner and the shadow in a circular motion over the lids.


"I'm a brow addict!" Kurniawan confessed. "I like to use as much as I can to achieve natural-looking brows? powder, pencil, the pentel-pen type. I don't use only one color, because in pictures, the brows would look incomplete."

His tip was to use a lighter shade on the first part of the eyebrows, then from the arch to the end, use a darker shade. Fill in the gaps in the middle to make the brows look fuller.

Finish the look or fill the brows with a pentel-pen type brow gel or a mascara if you have colored hair. Alternatively, wet your brush then put it over the brows if you do not have the pentel-pen type. A matte eyeshadow is a good alternative to brow shadow, he said. Wax eyebrow palettes, he reminded, are not ideal for hot weather.

"Use an eyebrow stencil if you cannot draw the eyebrow shape," he advised.

He reminded one to keep the eyebrows always clean by cutting off the long trimmings and tweezing or shaving them regularly.

Lip color

Matte lipstick, Albert declared, is still the rage, and with this type of lip color, "you do not need to apply lip liner to set because matte lasts longer.

As for color, "fresh and rosy, but not pale is 'in,'" he said.

Blush and contour

Sometimes, blushers are the first that fade, so Albert recommended reapplying these before ending the makeup session. Apply contour, he said, from the end of the hairline to the earlobe.

Simple day look

If you only have time for one makeup, Albert said, just curl your lashes and apply mascara and you are ready to go.

If your skin is already beautiful, he said you do not need to use a concealer and instead, use BB (blemish balm) cream, moisturizer, powder, mascara and groom your eyebrows. Celebrities, he took note, prefer a glowing bare skin look for the day.

"You want to have healthy-looking skin," he underscored.

Just use dark shadows following the same procedures to transition for an evening look, he said. If the skin is still sticky, set it with loose powder.

The key to any look, according to him, is to balance textures? matte, shine and so on.

"Don't be afraid of makeup. Experiment depending on your mood or personality," he urged.

Buying cosmetics online

Since Albert usually spends his time in photo shoots or weddings, it saves him time than waiting in traffic and going to the mall to simply refill his makeup kit with products he can order from an online shopping app like Shopee.

When it comes to shopping for makeup online, Kurniawan said, one must find a trusted marketplace that offers a range of products suitable for every occasion. "Beauty enthusiasts are different from other enthusiasts because they look to expert opinions and peer reviews before buying anything online. It's perfect because not only does Shopee offer a wide variety of products that cater to the beauty needs of the Filipino women, but it also helps its buyers decide on a purchase based on product and seller reviews," he enthused in a press report.

Shopee, a mobile-first social marketplace where everyone can browse, shop and sell, aims to bring the collective knowledge of magazines and peer reviews closer to its users. Since its official launch last December, Shopee has been a mobile marketplace where beauty enthusiasts can discover a wide range of hard-to-find but popular brands sold at affordable prices.

"We've seen a lot of beauty products become bestsellers on Shopee months before they are known in the mainstream. We owe that to our highly attuned community of buyers and sellers who can spot the trends even before department stores and malls do," said Macy Castillo, Shopee Philippines head of Commercial Business.

This knowledge of the industry and the power to create cult products usually reserved for beauty professionals have contributed to Shopee's early success with the Philippines' beauty buyers. With features such as the trending hashtags, curated collections, and popular products tab, Shopee creates a more personal online shopping experience by allowing its buyers to easily discover the products that suit their interests.

Some of Shopee's top beauty sellers who featured their products at the event shared that Shopee regularly engages with its community of buyers and sellers both online and offline. "Starting and maintaining an online shop has its challenges, but thanks to Shopee, I was able to overcome them. I've been able to reach out and even develop personal relationships with a lot of my customers through events like this, which help double my sales the past few months," said seller Eunice Hirakawa, owner of Kering Keri Store on Shopee.

"We aim to grow together with our users not only through the business, but also by becoming better informed about the beauty industry by learning from and celebrating the very people who use these products," Castillo remarked.

Source: Daily Tribune