Ambassadors in Czech learn about Vietnamese culture

Ambassadors of Asian and European nations in Prague Tuesday had a study tour to learn about Vietnamese culture, food, and trading potential at the Sapa Culture and Trade Center.

The ambassadors were introduced to the history of Buddhism in Vietnam and the daily lives of Buddhist dignitaries and followers in the Czech Republic. The diplomats were very impressed by Vietnamese business strategies when they visited the Tamda Foods supermarket, which serves15,000 Vietnamese and Czech customers. The diplomats sampled traditional VNese dishes like spring rolls, fried shrimp, and green papaya salad. The Netherlands Ambassador Edward Hoek was dazzled by Vietnam's diligence and culinary arts at the supermarket. He said the study tour was very successful in promoting the image of Vietnam and strengthening mutual understanding among the diplomats.

Ambassador Son said the Vietnamese embassy will hold more such activities to elevate the image of Vietnam among diplomats in the Czech Republic.

Source: VOV5