American public praises steps to fight violence against Asian-American

– Asian American advocates and lawmakers in the US have lauded the White House for actions that address a spike in anti-Asian incidents including a shooting in Atlanta that killed six Asian-American women. Congressional Asia Pacific Caucus Chair Judy Chu said her group commends President Biden “for his leadership to ensure that the safety and well-being of the Asian American and People of the Pacific Islands (AAPI) community is prioritized.” Chris Lu, one of the highest-ranking Asian Americans to serve in the Obama administration, called Biden’s approach a demonstration of his commitment to Asian Americans and a “stark contrast to the previous administration.” Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC) executive director John Yang said his group appreciates the continued focus and initiatives from the Biden administration and said they will help address racial equality in the long-term.

The White House on Tuesday announced additional funding and new initiatives to combat violence and discrimination against Asian-Americans. The US Civil Rights Division is promoting the “Hate Crimes Enforcement and Prevention Initiative”. The FBI has established a new website documenting violence against the Asian-American community and will conduct training on the issue. The White House will reestablish and expand the AAPI initiative, with an initial focus on combating prejudice and violence against Asian-Americans and holding meetings with AAPI leaders.



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