An Giang summarizes internal affairs, prevention and fighting against corruption and judicial reform

In 2018, the work of preventing and combating corruption in the province continues to have positive changes, contributing to boosting socio-economic development. The Party committees, authorities and organizations are deeply aware of the importance of anti-corruption work, considering it as one of the key, regular and long-term tasks. Inspection, supervision and detection of corruption are strengthened. The situation of political security, stable social order and border security sovereignty is maintained; Foreign relations are strengthened and expanded. The executive committees and authorities lead the effective implementation of national defense and military tasks; synchronously implement many measures to prevent, fight, prevent and handle crimes; The complaints and denunciations situation eased. Judicial reform meets requirements in the new situation.

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Speaking at the conference, the Director of the Southern Department of Internal Affairs, Phan Ba Central Committee of Internal Affairs highly appreciated the province's internal affairs, anti-corruption and judicial reforms, which achieved many honorable and contributed results. part of stable economic development. With that result, the An Giang Internal Affairs Department in 2018 is the only unit in the country to be awarded the Prime Minister's certificate of merit.

According to Mr. Phan Ba, in the context that the whole country has very complicated developments, the area of An Giang still maintains its stability, owns the situation, understands the basis and actively resolves long-term complaints. , do not allow hostile forces to take advantage of the fight; The types of crimes are reduced, the procedural bodies handle meeting and exceeding targets. Positive inspections for prevention and combat of corruption and fairly synchronous implementation of preventive solutions; handling news, denouncing high crime; judicial reform is led, well implemented, thoroughly grasped; adjudicating the types of sentences that do not allow wrongdoing.

The Head of the Southern Department of Work, Phan Ba Central Committee's Internal Affairs Department requested, the Provincial Party Committee's Internal Affairs Department continued to pay attention to firmly grasp the area, not to be surprised by sudden passages; concerned about national, religious, rural and border security issues. Good management of subjects, especially drug crimes; well settle complaints and denunciations, receive citizens and enhance dialogue; strengthening the Party's leadership in internal affairs and judicial reforms; doing well the propaganda for public officials to realize the consequences of corruption, along with implementing well solutions to prevent corruption./.