Artisan Quach Van Hieu preserves jewelry craft

The jewelry craft in Dinh Cong village, Hanoi, has been famous through its long history. Village artisan Quach Van Hieu is doing all he can to preserve the traditional craft.

Quach Van Hieu has a shop that sells silver products in a small lane in Dinh Cong Thuong street. Though no longer young, Hieu is still passionate about the jewelry craft which has been handed down for generations in his family. For Hieu and his wife, following and preserving the traditional jewelry craft is a matter of course: "Dinh Cong jewelry village has an 800-year history. I took over the occupation from my grandparents and parents. I am happy that my sons also follow the family tradition of making jewelry products. Everyone in my family is involved and supports me in the craft".

Hieu's wife always supports him in this effort: "My husband is enthusiastic about preserving the jewelry craft. I support him wholeheartedly".

Mr. Hieu is concerned about publicizing his village's products to a wider public: "Jewelry making is a sophisticated craft. Its products are favored for their sophistication. To promote these products to more people, I have to do research and produce products that match market demand".

In order to transfer the techniques to the younger generation, Mr. Hieu provides free classes in jewelry making to 170 apprentices: "During the war, 50 to 60 percent of households in the village made jewelry. When peace was restored in Vietnam, the craft gradually declined. Young villagers had no idea about it. I think it's essential to work with cooperatives and youth organizations to restore and develop the craft".

Vuong Thi Lan is learning jewelry making from Mr. Hieu: "I have learnt the craft from Mr. Hieu for more than 1 year. He's enthusiastic and dedicated".

Thanks to Hieu's efforts, the jewelry products of Dinh Cong village are once again becoming popular.

Source: VOV5