ASEAN dialogue seeks solutions to East Sea issues

Methods of advancing ASEAN's central role and improving cooperation among ASEAN members in settling East Sea issues topped the agenda of the 5th Ocean Dialogue in Hanoi on Tuesday. The meeting gathered more than 70 Vietnamese and foreign scholars and experts. Chief Representative of Germany's Konrad-Adenauer Foundation Peter Girke noted that continuing disputes have been challenging regional peace and stability over recent years. As Southeast Asian nations have different viewpoints, interests, and approaches regarding the East Sea issues, the dialogue is an excellent opportunity to help ASEAN better deal with security challenges in the region, Mr. Peter said.

ASEAN claims to play a central role in regional affairs. This dialogue also discusses US-Sino competition. It lets us examine the expectation of Vietnam's role during its ASEAN Chairmanship 2020. I believe that Vietnam will actively contribute to the maintenance of global peace and stability and maybe the South China Sea will come on the agenda of the UN Security Council during this time, he noted.

Delegates suggested measures to build trust among ASEAN states in settling sensitive East Sea issues including environmental degradation and declining marine resources. The dialogue was co-organized by the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation, and the Australian Embassy in Vietnam.

Source: VOV5