ASEAN voices concern over children’s plight in armed conflicts

ASEAN is deeply concerned about children's situation in armed conflicts, said Head of Vietnam's Permanent Mission to the UN Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy on behalf of ASEAN at a an open debate held by the UN Security Council on Friday.

He said the UNSC's adoption of various resolutions on the issue reflects the consensus, commitment and resolve of countries, but the international community needs stronger consensus in order to turn commitment into specific and meaningful actions.

ASEAN welcomes the contributions made by the UN Secretary General Special Representative and the Monitoring and Reporting mechanism , and advocates cooperation in a constructive spirit among the UN, related countries and sides in conflicts, Ambassador Quy said.

He affirmed that ASEAN has always attached importance to promoting efforts to ensure children's rights in armed conflicts both at national and regional levels, citing the bloc's moves in the filed such as the ASEAN Dialogue on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the annual dialogue between the ASEAN Commission on the Rights of Women and Children and the UN Secretary General Special Representative on Violence against Children. He underlined Vietnam's consistent stance of giving priority to promoting and ensuring children's rights.

Source: VOV5