ASEAN’s 50th birthday marked worldwide

ASEAN's 50th anniversary was observed across the world on Tuesday attended by diplomats from ASEAN member states.

A ceremony was held in Cairo, Egypt, bringing together representatives from the host country's Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade Tarek Kabil, the Egyptian Prime Minister's envoy Assistant Foreign Minister Yasser Morad, and ambassadors of 9 members of the ASEAN Committee.

Vietnamese Ambassador Do Hoang Long addressed the event: The Vietnamese Embassy in Egypt has been entrusted by all ASEAN members with important tasks. The Embassy already held the presidency of the ASEAN Committee and has successfully organized conferences and seminars involving ASEAN members. The embassy has worked closely with Egypt's agencies to promote cultural exchange between Vietnam and Egypt and between ASEAN and Egypt.

During the past 2 years the Embassy has received great support from the embassies of the other ASEAN countries for organizing programs to popularize the Vietnamese culture to Egypt and to the ASEAN community in Egypt.

In Vientiane, the Patousai Square was lit up to mark ASEAN's 50th birthday and 20 years since Laos joined the ten-member group. The same day, ASEAN's birthday was also celebrated in Israel, South Africa, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Argentina.

Source: VOV5