AU-EU Summit draws up emergency plan for migrants in Libya

The European Union, the United Nations, and the African Union on Thursday agreed to an emergency plan to dismantle people-smuggling networks and repatriate stranded migrants, in an effort to ease a human rights disaster in Libya.

The plan, the details of which emerged on Thursday, came from a meeting of UN officials, EU leaders, and government representatives from Chad, Niger, Morocco, Congo, and Libya that was called by France on Wednesday.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the plan includes the establishment of an operational task-force composed of European and African police and intelligence services.

Libya said it would grant UN agencies access to migrant camps in areas under its control. EU countries will finance the repatriation of migrants from Libya, a process that is already being organised by the International Organization for Migration. Vulnerable migrants who might eventually qualify for asylum will be brought to Chad or Niger before being relocated to a third country either in Europe or another region.

Source: VOV5