Australia agreed in principle the importation of fresh dragon fruits from Vietnam

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has released the Final report for the review of bio-security import requirements for fresh dragon fruits from Vietnam which recommends that the importation of fresh dragon fruit to Australia from all commercial production areas of Vietnam be permitted, subject to a range of bio-security conditions.

Vietnamese fresh dragon fruit

Australia Ambassador to Vietnam HE Mr Craig Chittick said that the Australian Government looks forward to continuing to work with Vietnam in the next steps to make the importation of Vietnamese fresh dragon fruit to Australia possible.

Before trade can commence, the Australian and Vietnamese Governments need to undertake a few more steps, including the establishment of standard operating procedures for the vapour heat treatment facility specific to dragon fruit and the finalization of import conditions for dragon fruit from Vietnam.

Australia is also progressing access for other types of Vietnamese fruits. The first consignments of Vietnamese lychees were exported to Australia in May 2015 and the first consignment of Vietnamese mangoes was exported to Australia in September 2016.

Source: VOV5