Bac Giang: 10 outstanding achievements in 2016

2016 is an impressive year of Bac Giang province. With strong determination of the whole political system, the business community, citizens, Bac Giang province has achieved many important achievements. 17/17 economic - society targets were achieved and exceeded the plan, people's life is stable and gradually is raised; defense and security are guaranteed. Here are 10 notable achievements that are voted by Web Portal of Bac Giang province.

1. Organized successfully election of parliamentarians course XIV and People's Council delegates of all levels, in the term of 2016- 2021

The election succeeded, with ensuring democracy, equality and legal compliance, safety, saving and real is a festival of the people. 2,102 polling stations in Bac Giang province were elected 8 parliamentarians, 85 People's Council delegates of province, 390 people's Council delegates of district and 6,015 People's Council delegates of commune. Organizations, officers, the government leadership positions of all levels have been stable after election.

2. Taking quickly resolutions of Party Congress in life

In 2016, the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Standing Committee issued 13 resolutions, 04 directives and 03 proposals, 03 statutes, regulations, and 1 conclusion on the aspects of leadership and direction in the period 2015-2020. The directive documents are abreast reality of local and the Resolution of National Congress XII of Party and the Resolution of province Party Congress XVIII.

People's Committee of province advisory issued nearly 30 Provincial Council Resolutions on implementing the work that resolution of Provincial Party Congress XVIII gave.

Also, Provincial Standing Committee organizes studying, considering Directive No. 05 of Politburo (XII) on promoting the study and realizing to ideology, morality and style of Ho Chi Minh; Central Resolution 4(XII) on strengthen the construction, regulation Party, preventing and reversing the degradation of political ideology, morality, lifestyle, the internal expression "self-taking place", "self-transformation".

3. Growth in gross domestic product (GRDP) reached 10.4%, the highest in 20 recently years

The total of state budget revenue in the locality reached over 5,000 billion dong, exceeding 40.1% of estimating.

In 2016, per capita income of the province reached $ 1,750 and is more than 10 times in 1997. And it gradually narrows the gap comparison with the average income in the country.

4. The province's manufacturing fields are growing impressively

Industry developed rapidly, in growing by 19.8%. The industrial production value reached 73,450 billion dong, exceeding 8% of the plan, rising 23.8% compared with the same period. Agriculture became national top, for example, 1.2 million pigs ranked in the third and 16.1 million poultry ranked in the 4th in the country, growing of the total food quantity is 1.7 times compared to 1997.

Export turnover reached over $3.6 billion, more than 46%, exceeding 24% of the plan; import turnover reached nearly $3.8 billion, more than nearly 50% compared to 2015, exceeding 27% of the plan.

5. Attracting investment reached impressive result

In 2016, the province attracted 112 domestic investment projects, with registered capital of 12,098 billion dong, more than 3.7 times compare to the same period; attracted foreign direct investment is estimated at nearly $1 billion, ranked in the 6th in the country. Allocating new and adjusting for increasing the capital for 58 domestic investment projects with the total of capita of $966.6 million. The number of newly established enterprises increased 34%, the registered capital is more than 5.5 times in 2015.

Overall, the local investment projects have larger scale, the domestic investment projects reached $108 billion/project, are more than 3.6 times, the foreign investment projects reached $5,9 million/project, is more than 2.9 times compared to 2015.

6. Affirming agricultural products has specific advantage

Those are: 5 trees (quality rice, peanuts, lychee, processing vegetable - safe vegetable, wood tree) and 3 animal (pork, fish, chicken). Forming some production regions of goods and vegetables as: Luc Ngan lychee, Yen Dung aromatic rice, Tan Yen groundnut seed, Lang Giang mushroom, Canh sweet orange, grapefruit Dien - Luc Ngan, Hiep Hoa parsley, Yen The tea, flower of trees in Bac Giang city. Once, production models have high income from 500 million dong to 1 billion dong/ ha/ year.

Especially, Luc Ngan lychee and Yen The hill chicken is 2 products that have not only brand in the domestic market but also in the foreign market.

7. Accelerating progress of constructions, key projects

The projects include: Tay Yen Tu ecological - spiritual tourist area; Provincial Road 293; Dong Son Bridge, A Lu; warehousing infrastructure of International Logistic Centre in Bac Giang city; Infrastructure of residential area No. 1 and No. 2 of urban area in the south of Bac Giang city; Van Trung Industrial Park; Project of Yen Dung golf yard and services; starting the construction of Hoa Phu Industrial Park (in cooperation with Japan) in Hiep Hoa district ...

8. Positive changes in receiving and solving administrative procedures

The investment in construction was completed and the Public Administration Center of Bac Giang province was operated from 01/09/2016. The center is equipped with modern information technology and electronic equipment. The area of receiving and returning results includes 26 counters of departments, branches under the province People's Committee and some central agencies with 90% administrative procedures at the province level. Bac Giang is one of 7 provinces of the whole country with the Public Administrative Center. All people and enterprises only have to go to one place to solve their issues.

The province People's Committee established the hot line to receive reflection and recommendation of organizations, individuals related to business and production activities and people's life.

9. Many cultural values are gloried

This year, some cultural heritages of the province are gloried, such as: Then Ceremony of Tay and Nung people are the national intangible cultural heritage; Vinh Nghiem temple (Yen Dung), historical and architectural relics of Bo Da temple (Viet Yen) are ranked as special national relics

In addition to that, the province promulgated the project "Preserving and upholding cultural heritages of ethnic minorities in the period of 2016-2020, vision to 2030", Project "Preserving and upholding the heritage of love duet in the period of 2016-2020, vision to 2030"

10. Key education in the top of the whole country

In the examination for gifted students in the academic year of 2015-2016, Bac Giang province ranked the 4th in 63 provinces, cities in the quality of awards and the 7th in the quantity of awards, increasing 5 and 10 levels in comparison with the last academic year, achieving 61 awards, including 4 First Prize, 14 Second Prize, 18 Third Prize, 25 Consolidation Prize; at the same time ranked the 2nd in the 9th National Phu Dong Sports Festival in 2016 in area I. The comprehensive quality of education continued to be enhanced with the ratio of graduated students from high school in 2016 of 98.6%, increasing 0.4% compared with that in 2015