Bac Ninh actively supplies goods to the people

Accordingly, the province coordinates with agencies and localities to direct units to ensure goods for people in isolation and blockade areas; strengthen the management by location in order to detect and promptly handle acts of taking advantage of the scarcity of goods in the market to speculate, hoard goods or take advantage of the epidemic to increase the selling price of goods unreasonably. for goods being medical equipment and protective tools; detect and strictly handle according to the law, organizations and individuals that take advantage of the increased consumption demand to speculate, hoard goods, push the selling price of fake goods to gain illicit profits.

From the beginning of the year until now, along with the program to stabilize the prices of items during the Lunar New Year until the time of the outbreak, Bac Ninh province has implemented a program to stabilize the prices of a number of essential commodities for epidemic prevention and control COVID-19 with the amount of 60 billion VND for 4 participating businesses.

Particularly for the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Department of Industry and Trade of Bac Ninh province reviewed and developed a plan to ensure the supply of essential items to serve local consumption needs at each level. developments of the epidemic, ensuring sufficient supply of essential goods for people in all situations according to the motto “4 on the spot”. At the same time, directing units supplying essential goods to actively develop production and business plans and plans to reserve raw materials and goods to ensure a balance between supply and demand and stabilize the market. Up to now, the units have committed to prepare the source of goods to increase 2-3 times the quantity of goods when the epidemic occurs, ready to supply essential goods according to the regulation of the competent authorities in case of necessity. .

According to a survey by the Department of Industry and Trade of Bac Ninh province, under normal conditions, the ability to balance supply and demand of some essential commodities in the province includes 10,500 tons of rice, 3,500 tons of pork, and nearly 1,600 tons of meat. poultry, 27,000 poultry eggs, 3,100 liters of cooking oil, over 10,000 tons of vegetables, tubers and fruits… Based on the demand for the population in the whole province, the above essential goods will ensure consumption for the people. for at least 1 month, many items are guaranteed to be supplied to the people for a longer period of time.

However, when the area has more than 1,000 cases, people’s life will have changes affecting production and business activities in the area, some units stop production and business activities; in which there are units supplying some essential goods, so Bac Ninh will need the support and supply of goods to serve the daily needs of people from other provinces and cities.

During this time, in order to contribute to stabilizing the supply and demand, the commodity market, the Department of Industry and Trade of Bac Ninh province proposed the People’s Committees of districts, towns and cities to thoroughly grasp, actively propagate and recommend to the people, cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees should not buy and hoard food, food and necessities in large quantities, they should only buy enough to ensure essential living for their families.

Although the epidemic situation is still complicated, commercial centers, supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores, markets, food, food and necessities supply units in the northern province Ninh is still operating normally and has a plan to prepare food, food, necessities and essential goods to serve the needs of the people with abundant and abundant reserves managed according to the supply chain in the world. nationwide, ensuring service for the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic.


Source: Vietnam News Agency

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