Battle for 100 million inheritance, wife claims relatives kidnapped her husband and imprisoned him


Bangkok, Battle for a 100 million inheritance, wife asks Sai Mai Must Survive page to help her sick husband after her husband's sister kidnapped him from his house in Charan 25 and held him in Samrong, Samut Prakan, preventing him from seeing his family. From the case of a wife and son who went to knock on the door of the husband's sister's house to ask to see the husband after he was kidnapped and held in this house without the consent of the family because of the problem of the inheritance of over a hundred million baht that had not been agreed upon, the family tried to go in and take the husband back home, shouting and calling out to him but to no avail, but an employee quickly closed the door to not let him in and used a rope to lock the door tightly, telling the owner of the house not to see him, causing them to feel even more distressed because the husband was sick and they did not know his fate, whether he was alive or dead. Today, the wife has asked for help from Mr. Ekkapop Lueangprasert, the foun der of the Sai Mai Must Survive page and advisor to the Minister of the Interior, and the media, to help take her sick husband to get treatment. Her husband's family consists of 5 siblings. The eldest sister has passed away, so the inheritance has been passed down to the remaining 4 siblings. On June 28, her husband was home alone at Soi Charan 25. When her husband's second sister found out that she and her child were not home, she stormed into the house and took her husband to live at her sister's house in Samrong. A neighbor saw her husband being dragged away as if she was being forced to go. The neighbor also said that her husband wanted to stay with his family and did not want to go. She was very worried because her husband has high blood pressure and had a stroke. She has not been able to contact him at this time because her husband did not take his phone with him. The reason the older sister took her husband to be imprisoned was believed to be due to a land issue worth over a hundred million baht. Aft er the older sister passed away, there were many plots of land that had to be inherited by the husband's siblings. Previously, the husband's older sister had tried to have her husband withdraw from the inheritance of the older sister who had passed away. On many occasions, this older sister tried to cause division among the husband's siblings, trying to get her husband to chase her and her son away. It is believed that the husband's older sister wanted to keep the land for herself and did not want it to go to anyone. The police have already filed a daily record at Bang Khun Non Police Station. A police officer once went to check on her and made a video call to talk to her husband, saying that she wanted to go home. The older sister immediately pushed her husband away and did not talk to him anymore. She felt worried about her husband. She came to ask for help this time because she wanted her husband to go home, not for any inheritance. In the past, the husband's older sister had problems with the neighbors a bout garbage. Everyone knows the reputation well. The son revealed that he asked them to talk things out. He did not understand why they were relatives and wanted to talk things out. He wanted to know why he took his father away. If his father wanted to stay with his aunt, he would not mind, but if he wanted to go back, he should be released. Source: Thai News Agency