Belgian festival underway in Hai Phong

The Vietnam-Belgium Economic and Cultural Exchange Festival opened in Hai Phong city on Friday.

Organized by the Belgian Embassy in Vietnam and the Hai Phong Municipal People's Committee, the event will introduce Belgium's cultural attraction and economic potential through a beer festival, a seminar on logistics, and a classic concert. Bruno Bruno Jaspaert, Director of the Deep C Industrial Zones Management Company, said: "This is not only to promote beer culture but also strengthen the bond between Hai Phong and my home country. We hope this festival shows the Deep C is not only about factories, machinery, and manufacturing like many usually think, we are so much more than an Industrial Zone. We carry out history and a rich company culture that can drive itself in our environment that allow people to grow to the full potential."

On the occasion, the Deep C Industrial Zones presented 200 million VND (8,600 USD) to For the Poor fund.

Source: VOV5