Binh Dinh fishermen net bumper catch

Fishermen in the central province of Binh Dinh have enjoyed a bumper harvest on their first offshore trip of the lunar new year. More than 50 vessels have docked at Hoai Nhon district over the past week, each pulling 2.5 tonnes of fish on average.

"We caught 45 tunas, weighing several tonnes in total. Each sailor earns around 450 USD from this trip", said fisherman Vo Van Quoc.

Cao Thanh Thuong, Chairman of the Hoai Nhon district People's Committee said that local authorities will invest more in infrastructure and logistic services for the fishing industry.

"This year, we'll build a road linking Hoai Nhon with National Highway 1 with an investment capital

of 4.2 million USD. This is a strategic road to develop our marine economy in the future. We'll also build more berths and expand the existing storm shelter for fishing boats on the Thien Chanh river", Thuong elaborated.

Source: VOV5