Boeing parts to be manufactured in VN

16:27 | 24/10/2014

VGP – The MHI Aerospace Viet Nam, a Mitsubishi subsidiary, announced the operation of a factory to produce Boeing 777 plug doors on the outskirts of Ha Noi.

Illustration photo

MHI Aerospace Viet Nam’s 6,500-square-meter factory in the Thang Long industrial zone is taking over the plug door production from an MHI factory in Nagoya, Japan, and will produce all the flaps for Boeing 777 in the long term.

A representative of MHI Aerospace Viet Nam said the factory is expected to produce four to eight doors a month in the early stage and 32 later.

The factory marked its first day of production by releasing the 1,000th flap for a Boeing 737 aircraft.

The company would cooperate with domestic partners and use Boeing’s assistance to develop its manufacturing in Viet Nam.

By Thuy Dung