Book collection features National Liberation Front of South Vietnam

A book collection about the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam was published in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday to celebrate the Front's 58th anniversary (December 20). It features the Alliance of National, Democratic and Peace Forces of Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam.

Tran Huu Phuoc, chief editor of the book collection, said in a launch ceremony that the book collection embodies scientific, political, and educational values, especially the revolutionary traditions that should be promoted by the younger generation. He told participants: This book collection has enriched our knowledge about these three organizations.

The collection comprises three parts. The first includes declarations, letters, calls, congratulations, and talks by President Ho Chi Minh and articles written by Party and state leaders about the three organizations. The second part includes pieces about their establishment and history. The third part features photos and documents of certain highlights of the Front, the Alliance, and the Government.

Source: VOV5