Brazil rejects G7 aid to fight Amazon wildfires

Brazil has rejected 20 million USD aid from G7 countries to fight wildfires in the Amazon.

Onyx Lorenzoni, chief of staff to Brazilian President's Jair Bolsonaro, told the G1 news website, said Brazil appreciates the offer but suggests those resources can be better used to reforest Europe. The move came the same day after the G7 countries agreed at a summit in France to an immediate 20 million USD aid package to help affected countries fight the Amazon wildfires.

Brazil's Amazon rainforest has experienced a record number of wildfires this year. Statistics by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) based on satellite data show that over 80,000 fires were detected across all of Brazil so far this year, a 78 percent increase from 2018. The Amazon accounts for about half of the territory being consumed by the fires.

Source: VOV5