Brexit date can be delayed until July: European Parliament

It is important to prevent the UK from leaving the EU in a disorderly way without a deal, Head of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani told German media group Funke on Saturday.

He said the date of Brexit can be delayed by a few weeks from the end of March to the start of July at maximum. However, Tajani ruled out changing the withdrawal agreement, especially on the Northern Ireland issue.

British MPs are expected to conduct a second vote on the revised Brexit deal of Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday. May said if the deal was rejected, MPs would be able to vote on Wednesday and Thursday about whether they want the UK to leave the EU without an agreement.

On Saturday, the leader of UK House of Commons Andrea Leadsom said she deeply disappointed with the EU's proposals related to Brexit and that it will be Brussels' fault if the new deal is rejected by the UK parliament.

Earlier, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said the UK has the right to withdraw from the Single Customs Territory unilaterally, but Northern Ireland has to remain in the EU's commercial orbit to avoid a hard border.

Source: VOV5