Brexit: UK Prime Minister tries to save a preliminary deal with the EU

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has once again urged parliamentarians to support a preliminary Brexit agreement rather than face a Brexit with no deal or fail to Brexit.

Speaking to the BBC, May warned parliamentarians who reject the preliminary agreement she reached with EU leaders to have the UK leave the EU on March 29 but maintain close ties. The only alternatives are no deal or no Brexit at all, May said, proposing giving Parliament a greater role in deciding whether or not to trigger a blockade deal at the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, or to extend the transition period. She criticized members of Parliament who have sought to break Brexit, saying she does not think another referendum on Brexit is needed.

The same day, EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said Parliament's vote on the Brexit deal next week will decide the UK's future and urged all parties to "be responsible". He said the key thing is that the Brexit deal needs to be ratified, insisting that this will be the best for Britain if it wants an orderly departure.

Source: VOV5