British Prime Minister wants Brexit agreement

During a discussion yesterday with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson affirmed his desire for a Brexit agreement.

Johnson said he wants to make it very clear that he is after an agreement that will be a good deal. He said he was "strongly encouraged" after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and called for "Brexit to be completed reasonably and practically and in accordance with the interests of both sides". However, Mr Johnson said Britain will still leave the EU on October 31 whether there is an agreement or not. The Prime Minister said that no matter what happens, Britain will not establish control activities in the border area between Ireland, an EU member, and British Northern Ireland.

President Macron said there is not enough time to negotiate a new "divorce" agreement. A "hard Brexit" is something the EU does not want, but Mr Macron said the alliance is willing to accept Britain's leaving without a transition period. Earlier, German Chancellor Merkel also expressed hope that the EU and Britain could reach an agreement and avoid a "hard Brexit" scenario.

Source: VOV5