Buddha’s birthday inspires charity work

More than 10 million Buddhist followers across Vietnam are celebrating Lord Buddha's birthday which falls on the 15th of the 4th lunar month. Traditional rituals, including Buddha bathing, incense offering, and balloon release to pray for peace and prosperity, have been held since the beginning of the month.

Buddha's birthday this year conveys many important messages. It inspires followers to practice good deeds and dignitaries to adhere to the motto: wisdom, discipline, integration, and development, said Most Venerable Thich Hai An from the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha.

On this occasion, several pagodas have raised fund to support the poor and victims of Agent Orange/dioxin.

Buddha's birthday celebrations aim to promote charity and social welfare. People are encouraged to help those in need, Venerable Thich Chuc Tin, head of Bat Nha pagoda in Da Nang city, explained.

Truong Thi Mai, Head of the Party Central Committee's Mass Mobilization Commission, on Tuesday visited Buddhist dignitaries at Quan Su pagoda in Hanoi. She underscored that the Party and State recognize the Vietnamese Buddhist community's contributions to the nation and will continue to create the best conditions for Buddhism development in Vietnam.

Source: VOV5