Business Insider praises Vietnam’s success in containing COVID-19

 Vietnam has been able to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in a short period of time with basic safety measures and its pandemic fight deserves to be honored, the US magazine Business Insider said Sunday. Vietnam, with a population of 97 million people and a long border with China, had the potential of being a COVID-19 hotspot. But by using a low-cost model invloving basic safety measures like washing hands and wearing a mask, it was able to contain the virus within a few months of the outbreak, and has confirmed no more than 2,500 COVID-19 infections and just 35 deaths.

The magazine said no other country with the same size or population has contained the virus the way Vietnam has.

Australia’s Lowy Institute published an index on January 28 ranking 98 countries and their success in handling the coronavirus pandemic. Vietnam ranked No. 2 behind New Zealand.




Source: VOV5


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