Central Highlands urged to improve investment promotion

Head of the Steering Committee for the Central Highlands To Lam has asked the Central Highland region to improve investment promotion methods to draw investors to high-tech agriculture, clean energy, the processing industry, cattle breeding, and tourism.

At a meeting in Dak Lak province on Tuesday, Mr. Lam, who is also Minister of Public Security, urged the localities to review socio-economic and sectoral planning, and speed up the restructuring of public investment, State-owned enterprises, and agriculture in tandem with new rural development while facilitating start-ups.

Regional localities were also required to consolidate grassroots political systems, with a focus on improving the quality of Party units and members in key areas.

At the event, Lam presented gifts to poor people living in the Central Highlands and bordering districts on the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Source: VOV5