Chinese coast guard demanded to compensate Vietnamese fishermen

PANO - Vietnam has demanded China make up for the damage a Chinese coast guard ship caused to some Vietnamese fishermen when they were in Vietnam's Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago waters.

According to competent Vietnamese agencies, at 9am of March 6, when a Vietnamese fishing boat coded QNg 90819 TS with five crew members was anchoring in the vicinity of Da Loi Reef in Vietnam's Hoang Sa archipelago, a Chinese coast guard ship coded 44101 approached and fired water cannon at the Vietnamese fishing trawler, driving it away.

On the runaway, the Vietnamese boat crashed into a reef and sank at a location about 0.5 nautical mile northwest of Da Loi Reef at about 10am.

The fishermen held on to the boat's prow and went adrift until around 1pm the same day when they were rescued by another Vietnamese fishing boat.

On March 20, the Consular Department of the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry met with representatives of the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam to present a diplomatic note and protest against the Chinese ship's action, which violated Vietnam's sovereignty over Hoang Sa archipelago and threatened life and damaged property and legitimate interests of the Vietnamese fishermen.

The department requested the Chinese Embassy to inform the Foreign Ministry and relevant agencies of China about the incident to strictly deal with the crew members of the abovementioned Chinese coast guard vessel, not let similar actions repeat, and pay proper compensation to the Vietnamese fishermen.

Source:People's Army Newspaper