Closer Vietnam-Japan defense cooperation increases mutual trust

Defense ties between Vietnam and Japan are growing comprehensively with a range of cooperative mechanisms, said Deputy Defense Minister Nguyen Chi Vinh. In an interview with Voice of Vietnam on the Vietnam-Japan defense policy dialogue in Tokyo on Tuesday, Mr. Vinh said that the two sides successfully established mutual trust after three rounds of defense dialogue.

He added that Vietnam and Japan have agreed to raise a stronger mutual voice to support and protect peace and cooperation, and prevent and protest against acts that violate international law and harm peace and stability in the region. "Cooperation in maritime security is an issue of mutual concern. Japanese war ships have visited Vietnam to exchange experiences in search and rescue and other areas. We will see similar visits more frequently in the coming years, which will help to expand mutual understanding and ensure Japan's legitimate presence in Asia-Pacific, particularly in the East Sea", Mr. Vinh said.

The dialogue also touched upon cooperation in addressing war legacies, including the demining and clearance of dioxin contamination in Vietnam.

Source: VOV5