Completely solving problems related to sources of building materials for the North-South expressway

This is the content in the Official Dispatch No. 602 / TTg-CN dated 7/5 on the implementation of the Monitoring Report on the implementation of the Construction Investment Project containing a number of expressway sections on the North-South route. East period of 2017 – 2020.

Regarding the Report on supervision results of the Economic Committee of the 14th National Assembly on the implementation of the project on investment and construction of a number of expressway sections on the North-South East route in the 2017-2020 period, The Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the ministries and the People’s Committees of the provinces concerned to urgently and seriously implement the recommendations of the Economic Committee of the 14th National Assembly. ; resolving all inadequacies and problems with the highest spirit and responsibility; strictly deal with collectives and individuals who fail to fulfill their responsibilities or cover speculation and raise construction material prices.

The North – South East Expressway Construction Project (Project) is being implemented by the Ministry of Transport with 11 component projects, a total length of 654 km, passing through 13 provinces. The need to use materials to serve the construction of the whole project with a very large volume, specifically: The volume of embankment is about 60.7 million m3, the volume of stones of all kinds is about 21.5 million m3, sand about 10.8 million m3 for all types.

Recently, the press has reflected on the lack of materials for the project. The Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Transport to coordinate with the concerned localities in evaluating and having appropriate solutions.

Following the direction of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Transport has directly inspected the scene, worked with leaders of the provinces and relevant local departments. According to the Ministry of Transport, over the past time, in some projects, after winning the bid and implementing the construction, some contractors have reported to the investor, the Project Management Board about some material mines. has been pointed out by the consultant in the dossier that does not meet the supply volume according to the needs of the project because: The mines must also share and provide to other local projects that are under construction. to contractors competing to buy mines with close transportation distance to reduce costs and mine production capacity could not meet the required schedule; Some mines have expired and are waiting for extension of licenses; Some mines in the local planning are implementing mining licensing procedures; Some mines exploited by private individuals are not ready to sign contracts to wait for higher prices …

In fact, the material source provided for the project does not lack reserves. Some of the recent difficulties are due to the sudden increase in the demand for materials to serve the construction of the project, the procedure for a regulated mining license takes a long time (although the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has instructed localities shorten the time and procedures in the above-mentioned documents), the state management of prices faces many difficulties.

Facing the above situation, the Prime Minister has directed the concerned ministries and localities to ensure sufficient supply of construction materials for the project construction; Prohibit the situation of profiteering, speculation, raising the price of construction materials.


Source: Vietnam News Agency

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