Conference discusses Paris Agreement on restoring peace in Vietnam

A conference themed Paris Agreement on Restoring Peace in Vietnam was held on Wednesday in Moscow.

Discussions were divided in 5 sessions: Paris Agreement on Restoring Peace and the US war in Vietnam, Panel on current Vietnam-US relations, Vietnam, Russia, and East Asia, History, culture, and language, and Vietnamese language, literature, culture, and ethnography.

Vladimir Mazurin is Director of the Research Center of Vietnam and ASEAN at the Far East Institute: This year marks the 45th anniversary of the signing of the Paris Accord. This was a great victory for Vietnam, ending the war and 5 years of negotiations. We rewarded students who won a contest on this occasion. It is important to analyze the lessons learned from those historical events.

The reports at the conference highlighted the historical situation in Vietnam in 1967 before the 1968 Spring General Offensive and Uprising, the factors that led to Paris Accord, and the role of the Soviet Union in relations with Vietnam in negotiating and signing the agreement.

Source: VOV5