COP 24: Millions of lives can be saved through climate action

A report the World Health Organization (WHO) released on Wednesday says that meeting the commitments of the 2015 Paris climate agreement could save millions of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars by the middle of the century.

The report said fulfilling the goals stated in the Paris agreement could save more than 1 million lives a year from air pollution alone by 2050. The evidence is clear that climate change is already having a serious impact on human lives and health. It threatens the basic elements we all need for good health � clean air, safe drinking water, nutritious food, and safe shelter � and will undermine decades of progress in global health, said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General. The report demonstrates that the economic benefits of improved health would be twice the economic cost of mitigating global warming and fighting air pollution.

Source: VOV5