CPI slightly increases in HN, HCM City

15:27 | 23/03/2015

VGP – The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of Ha Noi in March increased 0.38% compared to the previous month and up 0.65% against the same period last year, according to the city’s Statistics Office.

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The restaurants and food services prices increased 0.74% compared to the previous month.

In addition, VND5,000 added to the gas price from March 1 raised prices in housing, electricity, water and building materials up by 0.33% over February.

The price of oil and gas still reduced, which led to the reduction in the transportation price of 0.03%.

The gold price plunged 3.25% and the US$ price slightly rose 0.02%.

Earlier, the CPI in January and February witnessed decreases of 0.17% and 0.07%.

The Ho Chi Minh City Statistics Office also reported a growth of 0.16% in the city’s CPI for March. The figure for the first three months also represented a 0.54% annual increase.

The office said that the increase was triggered by a sharp rise in demands of food and restaurant services (0.51%), garments, hats and shoes (0.05%), culture and entertainment (0.05%) and housing, electricity, water and building materials (0.02%).

Meanwhile, decreases were seen in commodities and services (0.48%), transportation (0.43%), family appliances (0.04%) and beverages and tobacco (0.22%).

In contrast to the CPI, the price of gold fell by 0.54% while the US$ exchange rate rose 0.82%.

By Thuy Dung