Cua Ong Temple Festival to open on February 27

The opening ceremony of the festival will start at 8am on February 27 (or the 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month) and then everyone will join the procession of Duc Ong (Tran Hung Dao) and a ritual for King Hung Nhuong (or Tran Quoc Tang, the third son of Tran Hung Dao).

In addition, during the three-day festival, there will be a range of festival contests such as chess playing, quan ho singing, cock fights, boat racing, offering preparing, Cua Ong temple photo exhibition, etc.

Making a great architecture looking to magnificent Bai Tu Long bay, Cua Ong temple is one of famous relic sites of Tran Dynasty in the northeast and is the only one in which worships all family members of Tran Hung Dao Grand commander and his follows.

There are 34 statues and statuettes, elaborately and meticulously carved, and with striking engravings depicting various scenes. These statues are of Tran Hung Dao, his wife, the two princesses, Tran Quoc Tang, Tran Anh Tong, Tran Khanh Du, Yet Kieu, Da Tuong, Pham Ngu Lao, Le Phu Tran and Do Khac Chung.

Although the main festival is held in late February, or the second lunar month, ten thousands of visitors and travelers eagerly have flocked to the temple since the beginning of the new year./.

Source: Quang Ninh Portal