Cuba willing to talk to US

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has said that Cuba maintains its willingness to continue a respectful dialogue and cooperation with the US, and to negotiate pending bilateral issues.

At a press conference in Austria on Monday, Rodriguez reaffirmed that such dialogue must take place on the basis of equality, reciprocity and absolute respect for each nation's sovereignty and independence.

He said Cuba will not make concessions regarding its sovereignty and independence, not negotiate its principles nor will it accept conditions, as it has refused to do so throughout the history of its Revolution. He added that any changes that may be necessary in Cuba will be made on a sovereign basis by the Cuban people and they will not ask for anyone else's opinion or permission.

Rodriguez strongly objected to the new US policy of economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba. He said he believes these sanctions go against the expectations of most US voters and only benefit a small group of politicians.

Source: VOV5