Da Lat city commemorates Hung Kings’ death anniversary

A ceremony to commemorate the Hung Kings' death anniversary was held at Au Lac temple in the Prenn Waterfall Relic Site in Da Lat city drawing crowds of pilgrims and visitors.

Taking place in a solemn atmosphere, the ceremony reflected Vietnamese people's deep gratitude to the Hung Kings, the founders of Vietnam and other predecessors. Nguyen Xuan Hao, a resident in Da Lat, said: Vietnamese people have a saying Wherever you are, remember to return home for the ancestors' death anniversary on March 10. The presence of parents and their children at the ceremony show the continuation of our ancestors' tradition. We also organize a procession of Hung Kings and many other activities. People come here to worship Hung Kings and pray for peace and prosperity.

After the worshiping ritual, many entertainment activities were held including folk games, a cuisine festival, and performances of folk songs. To mark the occasion, similar activities were also held elsewhere in Da Lat.

Source: VOV5