Defence Ministry arrests man on int’l wanted list

The Ministry of Defence on March 9 successfully extradited Le Quang Hieu Hung, a man on the international wanted list, from Cuba back to Vietnam. The move was made with cooperation from the Ministry of Public Security, the INTERPOL office in Vietnam and the INTERPOL.

Hung, born in 1974, used to be a worker in the Defence Ministry. He was prosecuted by the ministry in October 2018 with the charges of forgery, poor sense of responsibility which leads to serious consequences, and producing and trading fake commodities.

After his prosecution, Hung fled to foreign countries, and the ministry asked the INTERPOL office in Vietnam to issue an international arrest warrant. While at large, Hung deployed various sophisticated measures to hide himself.

The successful arrest and extradition of the internationally wanted man manifests the determination of the ministry in dealing with cases of violations of the law. It also manifests that there is no limit zones in the work.

Source: People's Army Newspaper