Draft Law on Planning debated

Lawmakers on Friday discussed several controversial points concerning the draft Law on Planning.

Some deputies pointed out that Vietnam now has conducted more than 19,000 plannings of all types. Since 2011, many have had shortcomings, including overlap, wasted resources, and poor quality.

Deputy To Van Tam of Kom Tum province underscored the importance of preventing interest groups in planning activities. An amendment, he said, should specify that a planning is for national socio-economic development and must ensure the principles of science, forecasting, feasibility, and thrift.

Tam explained: It's vital to use state and social resources efficiently in planning activities. This principle should be added to the draft law.

Deputy Le Cong Dinh, who represents Long An province, recommended that the draft law specify the responsibilities and compensation of organizations and individuals involved in a planning activity. A deployment document should be available after a plan is announced. Right now many plans are either realized too slowly or can't be realized at all because of unclear implementation documents, adversely affecting people in the planning area.

Source: VOV5