Early formation of a model, ecological and smart urban area

In the afternoon of February 28, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Delegation of the Provincial People's Committee, Phan Ngoc Tho had a meeting with the Management Board of the Urban Development Area of the province to orient to form a model urban area. Sample, eco, smart.

Reported to the mission, Mr. Hoang Tien Minh, Director of the Provincial Urban Development Management Board (Management Board) said that up to now, the work of adjusting the planning projects in the new urban area. An Van Duong in 4 areas A, B, C, D has been approved by the PPC. The implementation of investment and calling for investment projects are focused by the Management Board, there are 11 large and typical projects being implemented. Currently, the Management Board is conducting a bidding, selecting investors in 7 priority projects according to the list of land-use projects specified by the Provincial People's Committee, affecting the expansion of urban development, no travel space, ensuring social security such as Hue Tourism Market Project, some residential and commercial urban areas and urban embellishment. Particularly, the Management Board is the owner of 20 projects, most of which are in the process of completion. The capital plan for 2019 is VND 87 billion for 16 projects,

Urban areas and residential areas basically meet the design requirements of the Construction Department appraised and approved by the Construction Department, serving as a basis for the management of landscape architecture and construction order. The Management Board is continuing to review and supplement the construction and architectural management regulations according to the planning according to the criteria "with a vision towards a model urban, ecological urban area. modern, contributing to the expansion of Hue urban space.

Regarding the petitions, Mr. Hoang Tien Minh said that in An Van Duong area, there are still many roads, sidewalks, lighting electricity managed by Hue City , Department of Transport, and the Management Board proposes to the Provincial People's Committee. unified to allocate the entire infrastructure to the Management Board to avoid overlapping in management, meeting the bright-green-clean objectives of the Provincial People's Committee. At the same time, directing People's Committees at all levels and police forces to strengthen solutions to seriously handle the situation of stealing garbage and grazing cattle not at the prescribed places.

At the meeting, investors, local leaders, representatives of the Management Board raised some shortcomings in construction investment on infrastructure investment outside the fence; arrange land fund; environmental sanitation; urban management; security. Investors also appreciated the coordination with departments, agencies and departments of the province to solve administrative procedures such as approving projects, granting construction investment licenses, assessing environmental impacts ..

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Ngoc Tho recognized and appreciated the urban development and management work of the Management Board. However, the development process raises many shortcomings in the issue of comprehensive management in urban areas.

Chairman of the provincial People's Committee requires investors to invest synchronously, avoid fragmentation. Given that, the coordination relationship between the Management Board and the localities, with related departments and agencies is very important in administrative management in new urban areas, must create consensus and avoid extrusion. push each other's responsibility . The Management Board needs to pay more attention to building welfare facilities in residential areas such as markets, schools, amusement parks, parking lots, offices, and cultural houses to ensure adequate institutions for people. .

The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee noted the urban architecture planning, the Management Board should urgently review the plan, not to adjust the process and update the new plan to affect investment. In the plan, attention is paid to the connection of synchronous infrastructure in electricity, water, telecommunications, transport, trees and sidewalks. It is recommended that investors in urban areas should respond to the provincial movement to build a city of 4 flowers and make green cities. Within the smart urban area, it is necessary to socialize the installation of surveillance camera system. Each municipality must have accents, synchronize, navigate to urban design, smart, sustainable .

On calling for investment, the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee directed the specialized agencies to support investors, to focus on starting some big projects . Investors need to coordinate with local authorities and Management Board to manage in new urban areas. In site clearance, it is necessary to ensure the interests of the people, prioritize the resettlement in place and create the best conditions for people to build new houses.

Source: Cong Thong Tin Dien Tu ,Thua Thien Hue