East Sea issues discussed at international conference

Various aspects of the situation in the East Sea are being discussed at an international gathering in the central city of Nha Trang. The 8th International Conference "East Sea: Cooperation for Regional Security and Development", which opened on Monday, draws 200 delegates including 60 foreign scholars. The conference consists of 7 sessions with topics including political, diplomatic and legal issues. One session is reserved for representatives of naval and law enforcement forces to discus ways to avoid unexpected collisions and boost cooperation at sea.

Director of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, Nguyen Vu Tung said tensions in the East Sea have shown no sign of easing over the past two years as collisions and activities aimed at changing the status quo continue, and reclamation and militarization in disputed areas have become more complicated. "The conference serves as a forum where scientists and scholars can discuss the historical, legal, economic, security and environmental issues of the East Sea, particularly in the context of significant political developments in the region. It will help regional and international communities better understand the nature of disputes in the East Sea and clarify the challenges facing the region." The conference also introduces a website providing the latest research projects by international experts on sea-related security, political, economic and legal aspects. The website can be visited at: httt://maritimeissue.com

Source: VOV5