Efforts to Protect Baghdad, are being Made but Are They Enough to Bring Peace in the Country?

Iraq is in a State of War against ISIS

Since the ISIS started showing its presence in the country, it has made Iraq as a war zone and distracted the country from heading towards progress. Turmoil in Iraq has put the overall world peace at risk and that compelled every country to cope with this great threat “ISIS”, as behind all the recent attacks all across the world, ISIS is being pointed out. The Gulf region is the only one and biggest oil producing region, which caters to the more than half of world’s fossil fuel needs, and that has disturbed since the ISIS started influencing the region.

The ISIS Phenomenon and Its Outcomes on Shia & Sunni conflict

That does not mean that Shia and Sunni conflict did not exist before the arrival of ISIS, but it starts worsening day by day because of ISIS, which is deliberately playing the Sunni card, in order to keep Sunni Muslim states on its own side, and that is becoming the reason of the sectarian divide in the region. In this serious matter, the Gulf rivals rather than playing proxy war against each other in Syria, Yemen and Iraq, will have to unite and bring the right solution about this hazardous conflict of the Gulf region. The Gulf rivals’ main objective must be to create a balance between Sunnis and Shia and that is the key to direct the region towards the progress. All the countries of the Gulf region have to aim to eliminate the ISIS without being used to let the sectarian divide prevail in the region, which ISIS is doing. As far as the responsibility of the Media is concerned, so different Iraq News Headlines and Latest Updates must not be the reason to ignite this conflict that is destroying the Gulf region.

The City of Baghdad seems Vulnerable to the attack of terrorists

As security measures are being taken regarding the security of the Baghdad city, it seems that the city is under attack of any terrorist group and without any doubt, that terrorist group seems to be ISIS, as it is the biggest terrorist group in the world of current times. The state of the Iraq came up with a decision of building a wall and furrowing the land around the city of Baghdad and that is to protect the city from any sort of attack by terrorist. Although it is the best decision to take measures in order to protect the city of Baghdad, but is the state of the Iraq only responsible for the city Baghdad? Or the country, Iraq has confined only to one city? One may differ from this thought, but it will somehow give a wrong message to terrorist groups and they may assume that the state of the Iraq is no more capable of having its control all over the country. The steps of the State of the Iraq to protect the city have also been revealed in many Iraq News Headlines and Latest Updates.