Ensuring the rights of the people and legal procedures in site clearance

On the morning of February 21, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Provincial Parliamentary Delegation Phan Ngoc Tho and leaders of related departments had a meeting with Phu Loc district about the implementation situation. site clearance for key projects in the district.

Currently, in Phu Loc district, there are many key projects being implemented such as Kim Long Motors assembly and production project, Minh Vien Lang Co International Resort and Resort; Tourism and service complexes Dang Kim Long; Lang Co resort, golf course ... Phu Loc District People's Committee has instructed professional agencies and local authorities to actively support investors to implement the project early.

However, during the implementation process, there are still some difficulties in site clearance work as people disagree with the previous compensation and support plan; compensation rates are many times lower than market land prices; a number of problems related to the support of the cost of leveling and embellishing ground and the land area lying within the road traffic safety protection corridor.

After listening to the comments of the relevant departments, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee affirmed that the fast clearance is the most important issue for the rapid implementation of projects that the relevant agencies must focus on . Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone currently has big and national-key projects of the province. This is a better opportunity for the socio-economic development of the province in general and in Phu Loc district in particular.

Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone is an attractive destination for big projects

Chairman of the provincial People's Committee said that the views and orientations of the provincial leaders are whether there is ground clearance, or facilitating businesses, but the most important thing is to ensure the rights for the people. Besides, it must also ensure high legal procedures. Resettlement must be one step ahead. New resettlement areas must have a favorable location, better infrastructure investment, become more developed new residential areas. For projects where people have not agreed to relocate, they must strengthen dialogue and propaganda to explain to people.

Chairman of the provincial People's Committee also asked Phu Loc district and agencies to strengthen land management in the area, management must follow the planning. Limit the licensing of small-scale projects to limit the planning breakdown. Investment projects must be strategic, and if not, leave the ground and attract better projects. Requesting Phu Loc district and the Management Board of the Economic and Industrial Zone in the province and other departments and sectors need a closer coordination to clear the ground as well as urban management in Phu Loc district. Highest results and progress.

After working with the People's Committee of Phu Loc District, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Ngoc Tho checked the progress of construction of breakwaters and berths No. 2 at Chan May port, visited and encouraged workers and leaders of the bakery company. One One candy in Phu Loc district.

Source: Cong Thong Tin Dien Tu ,Thua Thien Hue