EVN to resume QuangTrach I in late 2017

QuangTrach I is one of the two thermal power plants located in QuangTrach Power Centre in QuangBinh province.

The plant includes two turbines with a total capacity of 1,200 MW. According to EVN's plans, the first turbine will come into test operation in 2021 and the second unit in 2022.

Previously, EVN was chosen to replace Vietnamese oil and gas group PetroVietnam to develop the long-delayed thermal power plant.

The project's construction was kicked off in July 2011, with the total investment capital of $1.7 billion. The two turbines were expected to come into operation in June and December 2015 and contribute to the national grid an annual 8.5 billion kWh.

However, more than five years after the ground-breaking ceremony, the construction has been immobile save for a finished office building.

Regarding QuangTrach II thermal power plant, the other plant in QuangTrach Power Centre, EVN will replace Russian Inter RAO Group to carry out a pre-feasibility study on the project.

The new investor has yet to release the specific date to start the construction, however, EVN expects to take the first turbine on a test-run in 2028 and the second one in 2029.

Source: Vietnam Investment Review